Vampires, Dolly Parton & Dating

Today I was reading The Complete Vampire Companion: Legend and Lore of the Living Dead, which I checked out from the library.  (I have a weakness for most things vampire, so when I see the book on the shelf I grab it and try to suck the life out of it.) I started to think of how dating could be compared to vampirism. Survival of the fittest: find someone healthy, chase them down and then basically take the vitality out of them, which can be quick or slow.  Oh wait, is that the cynical me talking?

Or maybe my thoughts are just whirling around the Speed Dating. Got back the results today–10 guys I matched with out of the nearly 20 I picked. At first I felt just a little bit rejected, then got over it, especially since I realized that I don’t even remember half the people I met. (May be time to start a gingko biloba regiment.) And I realized that the whole thing is kind of silly. First off, I like Lawrence and I want to keep seeing him, even though it is not the Plan to get too exclusive with anyone. Secondly, how can you really get to know people that fast without stupid snap judgments–it seems that you might just pick all the wrong people or the right people might not pick you. I was surprised to be passed over by two of the guys who I thought liked me and equally surprised to be picked by one guy who I thought had very little interest in me.

Maybe I am just nuts. I guess this is the part of the process where I start questioning everything I am doing.

Right now I am listening to Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” on Pandora and I remembered a useful saying I learned from Sloane Crossley (awesome!!) today in How Did You Get This Number: “What would Dolly do?” I like it. I think that may be a dating slogan for me going forward. Because even though Crossley unfortunately ended up with a complete Dickhead, with a capital “D” after she asked herself this question, I think it’s good to have a guiding light of a female role model like Dolly P. She would hold her head up high, she would be authentic (even in spite of all the makeup and hair!), and she would never, ever forget who she is–her  Selfhood. (In spite of being called “One of the purdiest singin’-est, song-writin’-est lil’ blon’ s in country music” (see “Jolene“) — is this guy for real??)

Anyway, I ended up being matched with some interesting guys, I think (at least the ones I can remember). There are at least four nerds and possibly a couple of lookers. The lists of names is like a little present that comes in the mail and I’m enjoying going over each person’s name, thinking of etymologies. Unfortunately, there is one guy who had such bad hand-writing that the group organizer couldn’t read it and so as far as I know, we can’t be put in contact with one another for this reason. I feel like I’ve been cut off by the Hand of Fate. And he was one of the people I was most interested in talking to later, as we had a great (albeit brief) talk on religion.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my crazy brain’s expression for tonight!