Sun Sep 17 07:47:24 2023
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yet another culture commie struggle session
*** Jann Wenner removed from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame board after interview
*** The Rolling Stone co-founder’s remarks to The New York Times about why he didn’t include interviews with Black or women artists in his book ‘The Masters’ have been widely criticized.
*** NBC News


“Just none of them were as articulate enough on this intellectual level,” Wenner is quoted as saying about the women of rock.
In the interview he expressed similar thoughts regarding Black rock artists, some of whom created the music and culture Wenner reflected upon and profited from with Rolling Stone.
“Of Black artists — you know, Stevie Wonder, genius, right?” Wenner said, according to the interview. “I suppose when you use a word as broad as ‘masters,’ the fault is using that word. Maybe Marvin Gaye, or Curtis Mayfield? I mean, they just didn’t articulate at that level.”

(*6952cd93*):: If Jew York Times writers want a book with waman and blacks, they should shut up and write one instead of demanding everyone fill a diversity quota before being able to comment about what is good about some people’s artistic expression. So fucking tired of this shit