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What happens at the library gets written on the blog

Today I went to brunch with my friends. Then I went to the library to check out some children’s picture books for research. It was my first time in the children’s book section of the library. Usually when I want to look at picture books I go to the book store because they are guaranteed to have the newest, latest books in stock. This time though, I wanted to take the books home with me and really spend some time perusing them. So off to the library I went armed with a list of authors from my parent and educator friends.

When I got there a funny thing happened. I saw a man looking at some of the books on display on top of the bookshelves (they are short so the kids can reach them) with his iPad out. I thought oh that’s cute, I wonder if he’s picking out books for his kids. Then I happened to catch a glimpse of one of the books he was looking at, it had a cowboy on it and was that a ninja? I was on the other side of the row he was on and I kind of lingered because I had to get a closer look at that book if he put it back. While I was trying to make sure I wasn’t being creepy and lurkery, he spoke.

“Do you read a lot of children’s books?” he asked.

I briefly pondered how to answer. I had no children with me, but neither did he. I’m not a parent or a teacher or in any profession that deals with kids. So, I decided to tell him the truth. I told him I was a writer researching picture books. He asked me about my favorites and I rattled off a few names. He was there doing research for his brother who is looking to do some illustration work. We chatted for a bit and then I mentioned the writing group that I run as he said he does write some fiction. It turns out he had been to one meeting so we talked about his impressions on that.

Then I felt it was time to take action. I didn’t want to let the moment go, but I am still recovering from an illness and had already had some phlegm issues in addition to my lips being dry to the point that I feel like people can see how cracked they are, which makes me self-conscious when I talk. So, I finally said let me give you my e-mail address. You can reach me through the site (where I run the writing group) but that’s attached to my hotmail address and I’ve been having issues with it lately so here’s my gmail address. He said that would be great and he would definitely contact me. I don’t know if he’s even single or for that matter, straight but hey, at least I put myself out there. Even if nothing romantic comes of it, he can be a new writer friend, I can make an exception for people that can help my craft, or maybe he’ll have creative single friends even. And if something more does come out of it, well, that would be one great story!