Speed dating part deux

I went speed dating again yesterday. I went to an event run by the same company last month and it was entertaining enough. It could have been run a little better as it was a bit disorganized but it was relatively cheap as far as these types of events go. At the other event I think I met 26 men and this time there were about the same number if not 1 or 2 less. In my opinion, this is a few too many people. I have been to other events with 10-12 people and in those cases your odds aren’t as good but by the end of meeting 25+ people you can be rather exhausted, so that may due something to your odds as well.

Last time I put down 14 of the men but I only received one mutual match. I wasn’t especially attracted to him but we had some things in common and I was trying to be open-minded. He never contacted me and I never contacted him so that’s that. This time I tried changing up my outfit a little bit and wore a dress, one with birdcages that makes me feel feminine and flirty. We’ll see if I get more matches this time.