Wed May 3 06:58:23 2023
(*6952cd93*):: i’m tired of this broken ass english https://www.indy100.com/tiktok/chris-tyson-denies-rumours-mrbeast
The English language is a mutant and ambiguous enough and demanding of so much context and now the fucking tranny commies are making it sound batshit insane. They/them is plural, damnit! Have you bifurcated into multiple personalities after HRT? Fuck +public!
*** Chris Tyson breaks silence on rumours that MrBeast removed them from his team
*** Chris Tyson has shared an update with fans, and denied rumours that they were removed from MrBeast’s team before the filming of recently released videos.
Tyson, who goes by any pronouns, is known for being a YouTube star and one of MrBeast’s childhood friends. They recently made headlines for shari…
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