Fri Mar 3 17:00:46 2023
(*6952cd93*):: Lol can’t tell if this is a fail or a win https://nypost.com/2023/03/01/rate-of-single-men-in-the-us-looking-for-dates-has-declined/amp/
*** Young men reveal why so many of them are single: ‘Dates feel more like job interviews’
*** “The way dating is currently just makes me want to hook up,” says one 28-year-old
*** New York Post
(*6952cd93*):: +public!
(*54b3f3ac*):: fail

(*54b3f3ac*):: its kinda all like that now. i get so much shit bc i dont have a social media account. its so weird. like literally will be like, ”eh i got to go now you non social media creep. i cant stalk you now so this is over…”
(*54b3f3ac*):: its a trap! a way to divide the man and woman more and keep wedlock and good family raisin’ from happening