Tue Oct 11 04:37:04 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: ^ Lol that’s awesome. DIY mining +public! (*3bd42332*):: He’ll name his kid miner (*4cfb807c*):: Curious question: would y’all be miffed if your significant other posted something like this to the internet (*3bd42332*):: On one hand, no. On the other hand, i’d be more likely to drop her if she didnt like what’s mine (*6952cd93*):: It’s winning if your woman is posting to reddit beta cucks about how to handle your toxic masculine traits (*3bd42332*):: I mean honestly, what would you do if your woman told you to turn off your mining rigs? Same thing lol (*9cb05920*):: I’d be mad that she told the world I have a secret hole. But it does show she’s concerned and cared.