Fri Apr 12 16:47:23 2024
(*097dfbf6*):: :clownnuke: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/line-dancing-troupe-ejected-contest-after-audience-triggered-us-flag-outfits +public!
*** Line-Dancing Troupe Ejected From Contest After Audience “Triggered” By US Flag Outfits
*** The suits“were offensive to some of the convention goers…”
*** ZeroHedge

(*4cfb807c*):: Fuck id be inviting them all back to my place
(*4cfb807c*):: Where can they be invited to? Who were the organizers and where can their asses be kicked?
(*4cfb807c*):: This is bullshit, it’s time to start talking with fists to clowns
(*4cfb807c*):: It was fist-o-clock 10+ years ago
(*4cfb807c*):: Culture asleep at the wheel