Tue Dec 19 17:45:09 2023
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*** Dr Jordan B Cooper (@DrJordanBCooper) on X
*** “Why are so many young straight white men becoming extremists?” It’s baffling how people don’t see the consequences of this stuff.
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Dear illegals- go home
Dear Blacks- show up and work hard, you’re not getting free shit
Dear Muslims- respect our culture, you are a visitor.
Dear Latinos- most of you are white, haha
Dear females- show up, work hard and quit bitching
Dear gays- don’t ask, don’t tell
Dear disabled people- we’re ADA compliant
Dear Asians- make your Tiger mom proud
Dear Straight White Christians- stop letting everyone walk all over you
Everyone- you’re judged by the quality of your work and your sense of self respect, not your identity. If you think you are automatically special, go somewhere else because here, you’re not.

fixed it :von_dogewitz:

ada compliant